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Lenny Zenith & Pop Combo return 11/23 @ Cafe Istanbul

Lenny Zenith & Pop Combo Facebook page

Lenny Zenith & Paul Sanchez – Sidebar NOLA 10/12

The band had a great time last weekend (9/22) at GENDER UNBOUND in Austin


Lenny Zenith album - What If The Sun - artwork by Chuck Crosby
The new album out by Lenny Zenith

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2018 Billboard article

Lenny Zenith’s rock legacy is as legendary as it is quiet. For over three decades, the New Orleans musician has released music with bands that include Jenifer Convertible and Tenderhooks and opened for everyone from U2 to Iggy Pop.

Thanks PopMatters! “Suddenly Someone”, a tune that crackles with the energy of glam, the spirit of punk and carries a little more lyrical heft than your average two-minute tune.”

Some awesome new mentions from Music Injection, Post-Trash, OUT Mag!

Now, over 30 years after his quiet transition, he has crafted a legacy in rock and roll as one of the genre’s first true transgender rock stars.” – OUT Magazine


Lenny Zenith on the U.S.S. President opening for U2 with his band RZA

What was it like to open for U2 on a New Orleans riverboat in 1982? Ask Lenny Zenith

In the following, edited passage from a forthcoming memoir, “Before I Was Me,” RZA singer-guitarist Lenny Zenith, now a writer and musician based in New York, recalls the rush of that sweaty, long-ago night with U2.

The band mates. Scott and James

 – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! “…vocal chops and songwriting skills always equal a winning combination.  For a debut E.P., this is a damned good primer for things to (hopefully) come.” Read more!

Lenny Zenith at Losers Lounge tribute to Burt Bachrach “Always Something There to Remind Me”


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