As artists, we don’t always invest wisely in ourselves or our craft. One of the best things I ever did was to hire a publicist for this latest record (and will for the next).

If you’re putting out a record (or even a single) that you’ve labored over, that you want other people to hear and get some nice feedback from the blogosphere, I would honestly consider doing it.

A good, well-written bio and a publicist who gets what you’re doing is invaluable. The good ones know what they’re doing and are focused. Yeah, both were a bit pricey and I agonized over spending that hard-earned money, but am glad I did!

A good publicist, has connections and has built relationships. They are tenacious and ideally believe in what you’re peddling. I was fortunate enough to be turned onto Transmission Publicity by Ray Ketchem who’d commented on how well they’d done for another artist, Joey Sweeney — even on singles (rather than an entire album). He’s pretty great!

Spencer, ‘the man’ at Transmission had built relationships, he was transparent, assiduous, organized and up at the crack-of-dawn working my record (and I assume a few others), and I couldn’t be more happy with the attention and professionalism he offered as well as the results. (

Yeah, he had to be ‘on top of me’ since I am a little scattered sometimes, and I screwed up one big premiere, but we soldiered on and the results were pretty awesome.

I would heartily recommend Spencer at Transmission Publicity as he’s a good, no-bullshit guy with tons of experience. He knows music (was in the biz), has built a strong reputation and really cared about getting my record and story out there!

Thanks Spencer! I really enjoyed working with you!

*this is just going to my musicians list

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