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Always In My Heart (New Orleans Is My Home)”

On a nostalgic Sunday evening, I found myself overcome by a strong sense of homesickness. Having spent over 25 years in NYC, with intermittent periods in Ann Arbor, the allure of my hometown, New Orleans, pulled me back with a powerful force.

The yearning for my mom, sister, and dear friends filled my heart and I ached for the music and the incredible musicians I had the privilege of working with throughout the years (occasionally reuniting for gigs) in the city I will again call home soon.

In this ethereal creation, every note harmonized with musicians I have adored for a lifetime. John Magnie who played organ on the track (Subdudes, Percolators), captivated my heart since those early days when he and Leigh (Little Queenie) serenaded the uptown bars as a duo. The Pfister Sisters, their harmonies like spells woven into the air, had long bewitched me with their talents. Amasa Miller and Holley Bendtsen (Pfister Sisters), the stars aligning, joined me on this mystical journey – Amasa’s fingers coaxed pure magic from the keys, while Holley’s resonant voice created a gospel-like aura. Paul Clement (Woodenhead) and Steven Fisher(drums), dear friends, longtime collaborators and rhythm keepers, lent their guiding beats, propelling the song forward. And alongside Alison Young (Songdogs), our voices intertwined, as if destined to sing together since the dawn of time, when Leigh’s spirit danced among us.

Under the watchful eyes of Tom Stern (Blue Velvet Studio NOLA), a wizard of sound, we embarked on the sacred task of capturing this otherworldly essence. Despite the masks that concealed our faces, the music flowed freely, guided by the invisible hands of fate. And to infuse an extra touch of soul and rhythm, Michael Skinkus arrived, bearing percussion as ancient as the whispers of the bayou. In the realm of mastering, Bruce Barielle wove his artistic spells, ensuring each note shimmered with ethereal brilliance.

As we embarked on the creation of the accompanying video, the majestic mossy oaks of City Park became our sacred stage. A hush fell upon the surroundings, as if nature itself recognized the gravity of the moment. Emotion welled within me, for the absence of Leigh and Carlo, two dear souls who danced alongside me in countless tales of music and friendship. Their spirits lingered, illuminating the space with an ephemeral glow. Grateful to Lou Ludwig, a master of capturing the mystical essence of New Orleans, his lens transformed the city’s essence into captivating footage. From the verdant parks to the mystical depths of Bayou St. John, every frame seemed imbued with a touch of the supernatural. Vintage clips, sourced from The Prelinger Archives and other realms of forgotten tales, added an ethereal layer of nostalgia to the visual tapestry.

May this enchanting ode transcend borders and resonate with natives and wanderers alike. Let it serve as a portal, transporting listeners to the heart of a city where dreams intertwine with reality, and where the resilience required to embrace the joyous abundance of life is nurtured. Amidst the vibrant tapestry of New Orleans, may this musical offering ignite the dormant magic within each soul, reminding us that in the realm of dreams and music, all things are possible.


My Home

Intro  (8 bars piano)

Verse 1
This city has a way of holdin’ on to your heart

No matter how hard you try  

To run away no matter how far

It’s part of us until we die

From the Irish Channel to Jefferson

From the River Road to Odd Fellows Rest

It’s the place we call home

Before you know, it’s a place we  can’t let go

Pre-Chorus A

Why run away to New York , L.A.

Paris, D.C., west we go

I’m formed in your heart, New Orleans is my home

Verse 2  

Been too long, since I had this much courage

To fight over beads and doubloons

I’ve been rich, I’ve been discouraged

But I haven't picked over the ruins

All my friends my mom and ‘em

Ain’t seen me since the fire

I can fall on my knees and pray

Take me back forgive all the lies

Pre-Chorus B (short piano)

Why run away to New York , L.A.

Paris, D.C., west we go

I’m formed in your heart, New Orleans is my home

Always in my heart, always in my heart

Always in my heart, New Orleans is my home

Verse 3
The city has a way of pulling you in
Accept her magic charms

Surrender to the muses within
Fall in to her arms

Sing your song through the raging flood

Hold on to your heart
Plant your feet and grit your teeth

Wait for the rising sun

Pre-chorus B
Born and raised in the city that plays
Its strengths against the storm
Praise to the saints that keep us from harm
The city I call home

Always in my heart, New Orleans is my home
Always in my heart, New Orleans is my home  


That's where I belong, I know….
Ay, yee ay ee ya, Ayyyyyy

That’s where I belong, I know….
Ay, yee ay ee ya, Ayyyyyy


100% of proceeds for downloads and streams go to The New Orleans Musicians Clinic


Holley Bendsten
Paul Clement
Steven Fisher
John Magnie
Amasa Miller
Michael Skinkus
Alison Young

Produced and recorded by
Tom Stern
Blue Velvet Studio NOLA

New Orleans exterior footage provided by
Louie Ludwig
© 2012-2023
zzi Music LLC/Ghost Studio Films.
All rights reserved.

Additional footage courtesy of
Prelinger Archives and Pexels Video

Video Edited by:
Lenny Zenith

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