Dear <rep name>,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to you as a concerned constituent to voice my stern disagreement with the TikTok ban.

I kindly request that you vote against this ban and want to inform you that many individuals are prepared to support your opponent if you vote in favor of this ban.

TikTok has become a significant social media platform for millions of users all over the world. Using this communications app enables a unique ability for connection, community and creativity fasting  a sense of togetherness and exchange that transcends borders.

It is vital in that it protects and upholds the ideals of freedom of speech and the sharing of information (and organizing the Gen Z vote!).

There proposed ban appears to be ground in concerns about data privacy and national security, while these are important, we urge comprehensive and well-reasoned solutions, that apply to all social media platforms rather than outright bans

By working together with technology companies and subject matter experts,  we can devise strategies to safeguard user data and protect our natl insist without sacrificing liberties that make our nation great. 

Your vote on this matter will have a significant impact on your constituents and we are closely monitoring your actions.

If you choose to vote in favor of the ban, we are prepared to mobilize our resources and support to ensure your opponents victory in the upcoming elections.

We hope you will realize the importance of representing the rights of your constituents and vote against this ill-conceived proposal

Thanks for your attention to this crucial matter and we look forward to hearing your stance on the TikTok band and seeing you stand for the values and rights of our community.

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful consideration in this matter.

Name, address

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